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Figures for the winter flu season 2019/2020 indicate that the take-up of vaccinations by health workers from all NHS trusts in England ranged from 71% to 86%. The organization is also calling for the government to accelerate the normal occupational vaccination initiatives because it expects a second Covid-19 high in the winter season might be achieved. Pushing the plan ahead, they add, would require vaccinating 100% of health staff against flu. That in effect would every their chance of becoming sick during the winter months. The flu jab is available on the NHS every winter, and is usually given to those over 65 years of age and pregnant women.

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The vaccine helps guard against severe flu infections, such as pneumonia.Those most at risk for developing severe symptoms of flu include people with asthma, cancer or people who have had an organ transplant.These would all be individuals who were originally included on the shielding list for coronavirus.Over 43,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the UK so far and the virus has put enormous strain on NHS resources.

While various vaccine trials are still underway, experts say that any vaccine passing the test should run alongside the flu jab as well.The RCP has also confirmed that it needs an immediate analysis of the possible advantage of supplying the flu vaccine to those already shielding.It also challenged the feasibility of vaccinating anyone in excess of 50 if adequate stocks are usable.Prisons and other facilities, the college added, would still provide a regular seasonal vaccination programme.

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RCP president Professor Andrew Goddard said: “It’s important for us to learn the lessons from the last three months and take account of the additional problems that future waves that present, if they do, to ensure that the SSN and welfare are preposed for the very real potential of future Covid 19 waves.”

The RCP said that there was a list of reservist staff that could help in case of overwhelming of the NHS. This might include retired persons, career pauses, clinical academics, and those working outside the NHS. Also today, the highway retailer Boots announced the return of winter influenza jab to its pharmacies. This year’s appointments will change considerably due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the retailer has advised people to try and participate alone. Patients will have to wear personal protective appliances such as facial masks in the consultation room.

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