Introduction to Maternity GP Ashgrove

We are at Ashgrove GP help you one of the most significant events in our life, pregnancy and birth. Your GP will most likely be the first health professional you will see when pregnancy is confirmed or suspected. There is a lot of information regarding pregnancy and birth available, so this can be discussed during your consultation at our practice. How much your Maternity GP Ashgrove is then involved in the planning and care will depend on what you would like to do and the facilities that are available in the area you live in.

maternity GP

Antenatal Care

After pregnancy is confirmed it is important to plan your antenatal care with your GP and schedule the appointments needed during pregnancy. These appointments can discuss the stage of pregnancy and any problems that may be experienced, such as morning sickness. Further to discussions, these consultations will also include a number of checks, scans, and tests.

Checking blood pressure, ensuring a recent Pap test has been completed, feeling and measuring the tummy are some of the things to expect. The number of appointments will vary depending on whether it is your first pregnancy and how things are progressing. It is also a good idea to bring someone to the appointment who will provide support during birth, especially when discussing a birth plan with your GP.

Postnatal Care

After giving birth your GP is able to offer support and medical input to discuss things such as breastfeeding, immunisation, and tips on how to look after yourself and the baby. There are also many resources available to complement the postnatal care given by your GP, such the Breastfeeding Helpline and support groups. There are routine postnatal check-ups, but should there be any concerns regarding mother or baby, medical advice should be sought sooner.

Antenatal and postnatal Services

See below list of services we offer:

  • infertility concerns prenatal care – pre-pregnancy health checks and healthy eating
  • antenatal care – immunisations, healthy safe eating in pregnancy, gestational diabetes, prep for parenthood, labour and pain relief options
  • postnatal – 6-week postnatal check, immunisations
  • new mum/parenting skills and concerns
  • stress, anxiety, postnatal depression
  • contraception
  • mastitis
  • Milestones – Growth and development
  • breastfeeding/bottle feeding
  • baby sleep issues, settling techniques and daily routines
  • reflux and other common baby concerns
  • transition to solid foods