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Audiologists in Ashgrove

Young children’s parents who are known as deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) are unexpectedly thrown into a world of unfamiliar definitions and a complicated variety of words. What is a Hertz or a Decibel? What does that mean by sensorineural? Is one to be worried with a mild hearing loss, because it’s just marginal? What is a cochlear implant, or a tympanogram? These are only a few of the many questions that might have a parent whose child was known as DHH. Apart from parents, questions often come from practitioners and paraprofessionals working in the area of early hearing identification and intervention (EHDI) and who are not audiologists.

What is an audiologist?

An Audiologists in ashgrove is a hearing and balance specialist who usually works in either a medical, private or an educational environment. An audiologist’s primary roles include recognizing and evaluating hearing and balance problems, habilitating or rehabilitating hearing and balance problems, as well as preventing hearing loss. Hearing is the primary subject of the audiology when dealing with babies and young children.

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Bloom™ Hearing Specialists offer comprehensive hearing assessment and rehabilitation, tinnitus assessment and management, work cover assessment, and provide expert advice and fitting for the best hearing technology available on the market. As a hearing specialist, we will help you find the perfect hearing solution suitable for your unique lifestyle. We offer free hearing tests, thorough examinations and diagnosis, and leading solutions that will help you get back to living a confident life with better hearing.