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Out of pocket expenses for following consultations: 

All the consultations are bulk billed as long as the patient holds a medicare card EXCEPT following types of consultations incurr out pocket expense as below.

– Implanon removal $ 150 ( out of pocket cost is $95.50)

– Implanon insertion only $100 ( out of pocket cost is $67.95)

– Workcover short $89 / long $159

– Iron infusion $200 ( out of pocket cost is $86.70)

Fee for patients without a medicare card:

For patients who do not have a medicare card, a fee will apply and is payable on the day seen. The consultation fees are:

– Brief consult $40,

– Standard (<20 mins) $80,

– Long (>20 mins) $110. 

Telehealth appointments:

All telehealth consultations are fully privatley billed. No rebates or concessions are applied. Contact reception for further information.

Out of pocket expenses for treatment room procedures:

Note: Please note doctor’s consultation will remain bulkbilled & for any of below consultations, there will be a practice fee involved to keep up with the increased costs.

– Wound care ( at day of procedure)   50$

– Wound care (After care of procedure)  $20

–  ECG  $20

–  Cryotherapy  $20

–  EAR TOILET  one ear  20$

–  EAR TOILET  both ears 40$

–  Biopsy (at the day and after care)  20$

–  Cervical screening  $20

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