Introduction to Occupational Doctor

Occupational Doctor takes a preventative approach to health and safety in the workplace by looking at how a work environment can affect a person’s health, and how a person’s health can affect their work.

Occupational Doctor

Our doctors provide following services:

  • Identify an individual’s work capacity, giving advice in respect of impairment, disability and handicap commenting on work and vocational capacities;
  • reduce morbidity through the appropriate management of medical conditions, particularly musculoskeletal;
  • assist primary treating practitioners in complex cases where management of the patient/workplace interface is crucial to a successful outcome;
  • provide supportive management to patients with chronic medical illnesses, whether they are work-related or non-work related, enabling them to remain productive members of the workforce for as long as possible;
  • determine both diagnosis and cause/effect relationships;


  • provide competent assessments following referral by medical practitioners of patients affected by acute exposure to environmental contaminants and advise on appropriate health surveillance for that workplace;
  • reassure patients with regard to wellness when issues of concern arise;
  • promote health in the workplace setting.