Introduction to Mental Health Support

We deliver services to support families who live with Mental Health Service. We provide a safe space to open conversations and seek support for those who deal with mental health issues or care for a mentally ill family member. In some instances, your doctor may recommend a range of different treatment options that may include seeing a mental health specialist, such as a psychologist, social workers or occupational therapists.

Mental Health Support

Common Mental Health Service conditions in patients may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression and insomnia
  • Suicide prevention
  • Self-harm and self-injury
  • Phobias like flight or social anxiety
  • Pregnancy and early parenthood
  • Low immune system
  • Stress management
  • Grief and loss.

Ashgrove GP offers many mental services to help you to get households though this tough time, some including:

  • Your GP is well placed to undertake a holistic assessment looking at the mental and physical sides of your clinical presentation.
  • GPs also have a broad perspective when it comes to the local mental health services on offer. They know which mental health professionals are available and can refer you to someone suited to you.
  • Brief therapy services
  • Youth mental health services
  • Services for severe mental illnesses
  • Suicide prevention
Mental Health Support